Chef Nikolaos Skandalis

As a chef with an extensive background in renowned establishments such as Hotel Grande Bretagne(Athens), Elystan Street(London), Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse(Paris), Restaurant Kong Hans Kaelder(Copenhagen) and  Restaurant Selene(Santorini), I have had the privilege of working alongside esteemed culinary talents including Philip Howard, Ettore Botrini, Niklas Ekstedt ,Yoshinori Morie and Alain Ducasse. With deep roots in Paros and a wealth of experience garnered from Michelin-starred restaurants and acclaimed hotels across Europe, I bring a unique blend of Greek hospitality, a passion for food, and a commitment to creating memorable experiences. Beyond offering delectable cuisine, I strive to provide you with an extraordinary culinary journey, embracing the values of hospitality and the warmth of family-style sharing. With confidence, I invite you to indulge in more than just food, but a truly exceptional food experience.

-Chef Nikolaos Skandalis